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Frequently asked questions

Q.  What is quality engraving?

A.  In general, quality means that the engraving is crisp, the products are assembled straight and square and all the text and graphics is readable and clear.

While this may sound simple, different products often require different tools and layouts to produce a quality product.   What works on a plaque may not

work on a glass.  If you look at the engraving on our products vs. other engravers, We think the difference will be easily seen.


Q.  Will I see a proof of what I am ordering?

A.  Yes.  We will send a proof on new orders.  If we are doing a repeat order for you, we typically do not send a proof if it is like what we have done before.

If you feel like you need to see it, just ask and we will provide a proof.  We do ask our customers be respectful of the fact that proofs take time.  Please put as

much thought into what you want as possible before requesting a proof. 


Q.  What if I make a spelling mistake?

A.  In general, if you make a spelling mistake, it is your responsibility.  Unfortunately, there is no eraser in engraving.  We make every effort to check spelling and grammar.

Names are almost impossible for us to check.  When we send you a proof, it is very important to check it once for how it looks in general and then a second time for spelling.


Q.  What is your lead time?

A. In general we like a week, but let us know what your requirements are and we will do all we can to make your deadline.  There are many times when we can get and order

and complete it the same day.  It just depends on our work load.   Just let us know when you need it and we will let you know if we can make that deadline. 


Q. Can you engrave in color?

A. Engraving is a process where you scratch, burn or cut away a surface to make a mark.  Most of our products have a coating on them that we burn, cut or scratch to

expose the under surface.  This is how a plaque that has a black face shows gold letters when engraved.  So most engraved products are essentially two colors.

Pewter, silver plate and glass are only one color.  If you see color on a glass, it is printed, not engraved.